Washington state has no shortage of great eating options, not just in Yakima. Tri-Cities, Ellensburg and of course in Seattle and Vancouver and beyond. Cheapism listed all of the bucket list restaurants for each state and the one they chose for Washington is one I haven't been to or even heard of but now I need to check it out.

Next time you're in Seattle, maybe consider checking out Canlis. It's a fine dining establishment above Lake Union. The windows face the Cascade Mountains for an awesome view.

This is one of those fancy places that doesn't want you looking casual so you gotta dress up. They ask guys at least wear a sport coat if possible. Fair enough. After all, you are paying $135 per four course meal. Actually, that's the only price on the menu. Every meal is a four course meal with several options, but you're always paying $135 + a mandatory 20% for tip.

The courses give you an option of first a salad or starter of your choice, then a small side, then the main course which is often some type of meat like ribeye or lamb. And finally dessert. $135 bucks. Once in a lifetime? Perhaps. Maybe that's why this makes the bucket list. I'm sure it's good.

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