We've all been pissed when someone takes a parking spot that we called dibs on ... but how many of us actually decide to take revenge? Especially when we just spent our time shoveling the spot of snow.

A Boston man cleared a parking spot for his car, then came back to find his spot "stolen" before he could claim it.

Boston's mayor has granted people permission to "save" spots due to all the snow, so after the unidentified man shoveled the spot he'd left an old bookshelf as a marker. When he came back he found the shelf tossed to the side and a car in the spot he had just cleared.

What would you do? Especially if you still had your snow shovel! That's right, you bury the guy's car, take a picture and upload it to Craigslist. The trolls then weighed in with what they would have done.

“I got emails from people who said I should pop the tires. I didn’t think that was OK," he wrote. Even though he got his cold-hearted revenge, he figures he's a type of snow angel by leaving the passenger door accessible.

Either way, that is one hell of a snow job!

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