Have you ever seen something on the ground and it just confused the heck out of you? Like a shoe on the side of the road, and you wonder if there's a foot inside it. Or where the sock went, or how someone LOST A SHOE in the middle of the highway. Or think about the person who decides to keep that shoe, and the fun he'll have limping in a circle because of his new ill fitting left loafer.

I was left scratching my head the other night when I left our local WinCo Foods. In the parking lot was a AA battery, and a half used container of Degree men's deodorant. WTF?!?

deodorant and a battery on pavement

How do these two things end up on the ground in the middle of a parking lot? Okay, so they probably fell out of someones messy back seat. But out of all the random stuff that would fall out why these two things?

The deodorant might be powerful, but it's not battery operated powerful. Unless, Unilever (manufacturer of Degree) realized that people's thumb and forefinger are getting too sore twisting the deodorant access mechanism and added the special battery feature. Just checked, they did NOT do that. Plus, why only one battery? What, in today's world, uses only ONE AA battery?

What Could Have Happened To Cause This Parking Lot Mess?

My best guess for what happened... someone bought a 2 pack of batteries and deodorant. While in the WinCo parking lot, getting ready for the BIG NIGHT OUT, the electric nose-hair trimmer (industrial sized, because standard nose hair trimmers use AAA batteries) dropped and fell to the ground and broke. He (because let's face it, this has to be a dude) gets enraged and throws his deodorant down in anger, shattering it and decides to leave.

broken deodorant on pavement

He then realizes that a replacement nose hair trimmer is around $10 on Amazon, and he can't afford that, so he picks it up and leaves, not realizing the battery popped out. His big night out, turned out to be an uncharged B.O. disaster.

Do you have any thoughts or KNOW how these items ended up on the ground? Maybe they were your purchases. If so, how did the rest of your night go? Tap the App and let us know!

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