Being a fan of Batman, I'm totally looking forward to the new Batman film 'The Dark Knight Rises'. This one features Bane as his enemy. I'm not exactly sure how they're going to build Bane as in this movie, but in the comics he's basically a tortured soul with bio-engineered strength. What I didn't expect was the funny voice that would come out of his mouth.

I pictured his voice as a low, gruff voice like the Rock Monster from Neverending Story or The Thing from Fantastic Four. I didn't think it'd sound like a cross between Hedonism-Bot from Futurama and David Bowie.

Fortunately for us, when they were filming a scene at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh they needed a ton of extras, YouTuber ChangeThaChannel was in the stands and snuck a few videos during the actual filming of the movie. It shows a great inside look on what movies look like before they add in all of the special effects.Watch the video below and you'll hear Bane speak starting at around the :44 second mark.

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