Obey your Master and tune into KATS FM this Friday evening for an exclusive worldwide radio event.

Metallica is re-releasing Master Of Puppets on November 10th and to celebrate, drummer Lars Ulrich is hosting a one-hour radio show.

Master Of Puppets is one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time and has finally been remastered for the first time. The greatest result of this remaster is it provides the most advanced sound quality possible in three formats - CD, vinyl and a deluxe box set.

It includes previously unreleased versions and a lot of bonus materials that Metallica fans are going to love including TONS of live stuff, all professionally recorded.

This radio special starts at 6:00pm Friday afternoon on KATS FM and features Lars Ulrich in a one-on-one conversation with host Andy Hall as they revisit the Master of Puppets era of Metallica.

The radio special will of course feature music from the remastered album and also contain EXCLUSIVE MUSIC recorded live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on November 18th, 1986.

Win copies of the remastered Master Of Puppets album during the TODD & HENDO SHOW!!

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