Let's face it, there are not a whole lot of albums released in the last couple of decades that will stand the test of time.

Outside a few bands like the Foo Fighters or Shinedown, you'd be hard pressed to find another album I could even make it through from beginning to end on the first play.

The last decade of great "album listening" was the 90's.

Long gone are the days of lighting an incense and some candles, putting on a record and listening with your friends as an album took you on a musical journey.

Well, at my house we do still have music-filled evenings and even whole days of music filling the house.

Sure, a lot of that time is spent listening to KATS FM, but honestly it's kinda like I'm working when I listen to radio.

I am talking about relaxing with your favorite musical friends.

Here are some of my musical friends that I hang out with on road trips or a lazy Saturday afternoon...




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