Henry Rollins was just featured as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience for a second time, and of course, the Black Flag legend had a lot to say. In conversation with Rogan, the punk rock orator criticized President Trump’s recent meeting with Vladimir Putin and offered advice on how individuals can make the world better through small acts.

Rollins appeared on Rogan’s podcast to promote his new Showtime special, Keep Talking, Pal. When talking to his audience, Rollins readily offers solutions instead of dwelling in the misery of what the crowd may find troubling, politically or societally. “To my audience, don’t propose a problem — ‘Well, [Trump] sucks. Thanks, goodnight.’ Don’t give them a Gordian Knot unless you can go, ‘Actually it’s not a Gordian Knot. Here’s three ways to get out of this burning wreck.’”

Rollins continues by detailing how he spoke to his audience after Trump's election, “Gay people are on the endangered species list. Brown people, black people, people with ovaries — these are all on the ‘you’re screwed’ list. Instead of becoming depressed, let’s get up and start doing more benefits. Now your words matter, your actions matter; how you stick up for your LGBT friends really matters now, how you stick up for women, how you stick up for racial equality, equality in the workplace, how you check yourself when you ‘vou le vou’ with other people. Words matter, actions matter more than ever. To me, it’s an exciting time to show how great you can be, ‘cause now it’s all on the line.”

As for Trump’s controversial summit with Putin in July, Rollins was highly critical of the American president. “Never in my life have I ever watched an American president and thought, ‘I could have done better in that situation.’ There’s presidents I’ve had nothing but disagreements with, but they were way better for the job than I ever could be,” Rollins describes. “I look at this guy and go like, ‘Man, you just got played.’”

“Donald Trump is a guy who gets consistently played, rolled. He got played by his wife, he got played by Paul Manafort, he got played by Kim Jong-un, he got played like Jimi Hendrix at Monterey by Vladimir Putin.”

Check out the clip of Henry Rollins speaking above and head over to the Joe Rogan Experience YouTube channel to watch Rollins’ full appearance. Keep Talking, Pal premieres tonight (Aug. 10) on Showtime at 10PM ET.

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