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After you vote on our music we'll also give you the opportunity to answer some other questions about KATS... including what you think of the new Todd & Andy Show. Here is what KATS Rock Raters have said about the show so far, good and bad:

-So f&cking hysterical. It's great that they take backlash and turn it into comedy. That's what the show is, comedy, and I can see how others can get offended but it's like satire. I mean there is still a line which shouldn't be crossed such as an actual attack towards someone or bullying or making fun of an illness but other than that, they make a fun show to listen to. –Male Age 19
-Love your show, can't think of anyways to make it better. –Female Age 34
-Mostly funny, sometimes offensive. I think more caller participation would be good. I like the short skits that play during commercial breaks and the "if you missed the Todd and Andy show...." –Male Age 46
-I got to say I wake up to u guys every morning n u guys freaking rock keep up the good work. –Male Age 42
-Best morning show it has been a long time in Yakima scents we had a good morning show. –Male Age 47
-Keep doing what you guys are doing knowmatter what anyone thinks. –Male Age 46
-There seems to be a lot more talk about sex since Andy arrived. Reminds me of college frat humor. Got tired of it the first week he was on. –Female Age 50
-Can't say much about them, I work a late shift and don't get to hear them often. They do play well together, though. –Male Age 41
-Funny. Always a good laugh in the morning. –Male Age 50
-Sometimes go too far on one topic. –Male Age 48
-Love Todd, he's awesome, but I have no need for Andy. He wasn't horrible solo, but he's too much as a duo (or trio). I feel like he's dragging Todd down, basically. –Male Age 50
-These guys make one hell of a pair, they are/were the highlight of my morning. –Male Age 17
-Love Todd, Andy meh. –Female Age 36
-Kind of men focused. Women can rock too, you know. :) –Female Age 29
-Keep doing what you’re doing. –Female Age 48
-Sometimes, I feel like they are very immature. –Female Age 42
-They crack me up everyday. Even though I dont like somethings they talk about, they seem to make me laugh. –Female Age 44
-They're a riot! Wouldn't mind spending a morning hanging with these guys! –Female Age 42
-Getting a little too raunchy even for me. –Female Age 47
-U guys r funny keep up the good job u guys freaking rock.if I'm having a bad morning once I hear u guys it changes so thanks for making me have a good morning. –Female Age 46

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