Ghost Releases Devilishly Delicious Live Album
The enigmatic Ghost has blown away the world of rock and roll. The masked shredders have stirred controversy and critical acclaim into one big melting pot since the turn of the decade.
In 2015, "Cirice" won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance...
Journey & Asia To Play Sundome, My Favorite Tunes
I love all types of music. Rock, heavy metal, country, pop and even some rap. Journey and Asia have been on the top of my list ever since I was a kid. I never dreamed that they would tour together -- let alone stop in the Yakima Valley! But that is exactly what is happening this March!
Jacked for Godsmack!
Holy crap! Sully Erna will be live in Yakima with his amazing band, Godsmack, tonight (Nov. 4)! I cannot wait. Their music is awesome and so is their stage presence. To get you ready for tonight's show in the Yakima Valley SunDome, here are some badass Godsmack tunes for you!

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