Lately, we have been bombarded by commercials, advertisements and public service announcements about getting vaccinated against COVID-19. How? Where? When?

The Washington State department of Health has set-up a website that will determine when you are OK'd to get the vaccine as they are trying to strategically roll them out to make sure that the most vulnerable receive inoculations until more is produced.

The website can be found online at

According to the site, after you answer a series of relatively easy questions, "If you're eligible, you can use the confirmation to show your eligibility when you go to get vaccinated. The confirmation page is not an appointment. You will still need to make an appointment with a vaccine provider."

If you're like me an have a parent or grandparent (or any other friend or loved one) that is older and does not have a computer or a smartphone, you may have to do this for them. My dad, 75, is a Luddite and not tech savvy so I had to fill out the survey for him in order to get him an appointment to receive his shot.
I just wanted to give you a heads-up and I hope that helps your situation!

Like me and my family, have you, too, contracted "The 'Rona"? what was your experience like? Have you or do you plan to get the COVID-19 vaccination? Why or why not?
Send me a message and let me know via our free mobile app!

Rock on and be well! \m/ \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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