A good dad has proven to be an even better Good Samaritan.

Frank Ventola ran out to the supermarket in Denver to pick up some ice cream for his daughter last weekend, only to single-handedly stop a man trying to rob Vicodin from the store's pharmacy.

Ventola was on the hunt for coffee ice cream at Safeway when he heard the pharmacist scream, "'Help, help I’m being robbed, someone stop him, I’m being robbed.'"

Ventola, a one-time hockey player, immediately sprang into action, tackling the suspect near a balloon stand by the checkout lane.

Eventually, Ventola made it home with the ice cream. When he explained he was gone a little longer than planned because he had to stop a robbery, his daughter sarcastically said, "Sure dad."

The store was certainly much more appreciative of Ventola's efforts – he was allowed to take the ice cream for free as a show of gratitude.

Guess you could say that was the cherry on top of his crazy day.

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