Take a shot for Daddy
Are you a daddy's girl? Do your old man's veins pop every time he thinks somebody's looking at you with impure thoughts?
Well, here's your chance to thank him for passing along all those great genes -- and for keeping such a close eye on you...
A doll of a dad
Mikki Willis from California took his son to the store after he received two of the same kinds of gifts for his birthday, They were exchanging one of them for something that he wanted. He chose an Ariel doll.
Internet DJ tells dad to F.O.
First of all, if this video was intended to be a stunt, they did a piss poor job of it. Telling your dad to 'F*&k Off' isn't very funny.
And, this guy is complaining about his ratings going down is the least of his worries. I honestly think he never had anyone listening in the first place and if …
Dad Fined for Tattooing Three-Year-Old Son
Georgia resident Eugene Ashley claims he was too drunk to remember giving his then-three-year-old son a tattoo on his shoulder that read "DB," for "Daddy's Boy."
However, the evidence of the 26-year-old's poor judgement remained etched on his boy's arm, and once a Georgia Departme…