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A slight crisp to the air. It's just a touch chillier in the mornings and as my Mom sadly admitted earlier this week, "the sun's starting to set sooner." We're three weeks away from the first day of Fall. Thursday, September 22nd, 2021 to be exact so before we fully switch gears let's celebrate the last fresh fruits and produce summer has to offer.

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I got a chance to speak with Breaunna Stratton, food lover and administrative assistant at the Downtown Association of Yakima, and asked her what the top five things to buy at the Downtown Yakima Farmer's Market were. She immediately ticked off a delicious list.

5 Favorites to Grab at the Downtown Yakima Farmer's Market

Fresh Berries

berries are always my first go to as my children will DEVOUR them! - Breaunna Stratton

If you love baking pies in the fall or have been adding them to smoothies lately this would be the perfect time to buy up your favorites. You can store the extra in the freezer or make jam. Jam for everyone! Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are a triple threat when it comes to good nutrition so you can't go wrong there PLUS, strawberries and whipped cream, yes please and don't you ever forget the almighty chocolate-covered strawberries too. Options are endless and the booths are a plenty. So come one, come all while the weather is still nice enough to wear flip-flops!


The melons at Dagdagan are just to die for!  - Breaunna Stratton

You can't go wrong with fresh watermelon and if you've never tried a yellow one, hello! Kiss summer goodbye by trying something new. It's not only a gorgeous color but taste just as delicious if not a bit sweeter and more fantastic. You could go really fancy and grab a fresh bunch of mint, feta cheese, fresh cracked pepper, olive oil, and one of the incredible basalmics available at the market to create a fresh salad that is bursting with flavor.


Corn because it is so versatile and surprisingly a great topping for pizza! - Breaunna Stratton

Heard that! Corn is crazy good and not just straight off the grill. If you have a stovetop grill you can toss them husk on, boil them or try out corn ribs. Have you heard about this one?


Bread is a staple for every meal in my house so we always grab that! - Breaunna Stratton

Treat yourself to a fresh bagel and cream cheese or so many other options for your sandwich and breakfast toast needs. There's nothing like some toasted cinnamon and raisin bread drenched in butter or toast and jam.

Fresh Greens

fresh greens that are the perfect addition to any sandwich or salad - Breaunna Stratton

From arugula to green leaf and microgreens test out some green layers on your next sandwich. Not going to lie a 12-grain bread with mayo, avocado, mustard, provolone, turkey and lettuce is one of my favorite flavor combos in the world. Swap the avocado for walnuts and cranberries and you're getting a pop of tart that's what you're looking for. Now, top each one with a few different greens and you're gonna wonder where these sandwiches have been all your life.

Five Items to Grab at Farmer's Markets

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