You know the deal: when you're single it seems like you always see happy couples, unwittingly rubbing your nose in the fact you're as alone as a woman in a Bill Cosby defense group.

Well, this somewhat NSFW video should make all single folks feel more than just a wee bit better about themselves and the fact the most special person in their lives is the checkout girl at their local supermarket.

Remember the old adage: love hurts. This compilation certainly proves there's some truth to that. And while your heart may be hurting, at least you'll get a good laugh watching things go terribly wrong for these lovebirds.

Our personal favorite? The girl at the 4:45 mark who simply refuses to let someone else dance with the object of her affection. You go, girl.

As for you, we recommend you enjoy this video and make sure to cue it up again on Valentine's Day while you're waiting for that large Papa John's pizza that's for you and your depression to arrive.

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