Sadly, Todd & Timmy gave away the final family four pack of tickets to Silverwood Theme Park this past Friday on the ye olde Wheel of Goodness. But don't worry, there still be an opportunity for a spinning of the W.O.G. Monday morning, complete with an assortment of other prizes! We'd like to give a big thanks & shout out to not only, all of our winners, but to Silverwood Theme Park as well for hooking us up, so we could hook you, the listeners, up as well! In the time of COVID-19, we all need distraction, and it was awesome that Silverwood helped bring us that awesome one!

Another part of Silverwood that we mentioned, but didn't focus too much on, was their water park! Yes, there's an amazing water park in northern Idaho, and it's part of Silverwood! It's called Boulder Beach Bay! It's amazing, with 2 Wave pools! Each one containing 500,000 gallons of refreshing H2O! What's a wave pool? It's exactly that, a pool that will launch a big wave every 5 minutes! Enjoy the calm, hear the horn, and prepare for fun! Yes it's safe, and especially right now in the pandemic, Silverwood is doing their best to make sure everyone is safe, and is having a great time! If you're able to go before it closes up for the year (Sept. 7th), be safe, have fun & follow the rules. That way you don't end up in a massive "FAILS" video later on. Just like these fine folks did, when they enjoyed water slides, a little too much, or too little, depending on your outlook.



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