Every year at Valentine's Day, Heather McClain, a pre-school teacher at Cedar Crest Academy in Kirkland, WA has her pupils come up with their own phrases that they think should be on those cutesy candy "conversation" hearts that are so prevalent this time of year.

From sweet nothings like, "U R 2 Silly" to simple requests like, Hug Madeline," this time around, the kids did not disappoint and some may even have a future as greeting card writers!

There are a few, however, that can at-worst be described as creepy, absurd, and downright contagious!

See if you can spot them in the picture below, and have a "HAPPY V-D!" from all us cupids at 94.5 KATS!

Courtesy:Renee` McClain
Courtesy: Heather Renee` McClain

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