Nestled on the corner of 1st and Washington is Yakima's Home Depot. A great place with a great location. Growing up in Yakima, however, it belonged to a very different store that a lot in Yakima hold very fond memories of. That would be the Country Store. It's a little hard to describe what the Country Store actually was but I'll do my best based on my own memories.
I remember them having clothes. Like, piles of clothes, mostly work-wear or stuff you may wear around the farm. They also had chicks and feed. My most favorite memory is having a tic-tac-toe playing chicken right when you walk in where, for 25 cents, you can lose to a chicken. I say lose because I don't think anyone ever won. I remember coming to an impasse where neither of us won but that's about it.

It's a classic for Yakima and, being in the same location, how fun would it be if they put up a giant, wooden 'Country Store' sign just for ol' time's sake. I think it'd be amazing.

If not for this year, maybe next? We can only dream.

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