One great benefit of having friends on Facebook is getting to keep closer tabs on the progress of their children as they grow - especially if they are friends who live out of town far away.

I have known Erik von Gohren almost as long as I can remember.  Truth be told, he and my brother were 'Be Fri's growing up in West Valley of Yakima so Erik was part of our family.Time marches on.  Some go to work or school, move away, start a family elsewhere.  It's only natural, so it was nice to see a video that Erik put together of his son Christoper whom I've only met once or twice.The video is a compilation of young Chris partaking in one of his favorite activities: getting Big Rigs to honk their horns at him.

Growing up in Yakima, with tons of tractor-trailers and semis chugging down the street, I fondly remember throwing my arm into the air and pantomiming the pulling of the imaginary cord to signal to the driver to let their horn wail.How loud they were.  How cool I felt being acknowledged.  This video also reminded me of the innocence and wonder we all had as kids.If you ever did that as a kid, or have forgotten what it was like, I hope you will appreciate "Honking the West Coast"

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