Oregon is a beautiful state that lives tucked away in the Pacific North West. When you think of Beaches I'm sure you think of California, Florida, and Hawaii beaches, but what if I told you Oregon has 3 of the most beautiful beaches ever?

Hopefully, you'd plan a road trip and check them out for yourselves, we'll help you get started and show you three of the most beautiful beaches you have to visit at least once in your life. So dive in with us as we list our top 3 favorite beaches.

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3.) Newport

Newport is a beautiful city with a lot to do in Oregon, most loved of course is its beach, Surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean it's easy to get lost in its gaze. The sandy beach is also a must-visit with plenty to do. Others also rant and rave about the Ripleys Believe it or Not museum located there.

2.) Seaside

People think surfing only goes down on big beaches in California and Hawaii, but real surfers know about this spot in Seaside Oregon. It's called the perfect spot to catch waves, or just spend the day with your family boogie boarding and picnicking from the local restaurants.

1.) Cannon Beach 

Cannon Beach has so much to offer, not only does the town have some amazing restaurants and little shops but they also have some of the most gorgeous sights to see. The Beach alone is breathtaking with beautiful soft sand you could spend the whole day out there getting lost in it. Take a walk around their giant Haystack Rock and see why so many people travel here.

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