Although it's not even Black Friday, yet, there are still a few tell-tale signs of what people will be asking for in the weeks to come. This isn't my final list, but more of an early prediction of will probably be that one item that sells out everywhere. In previous years I predicted toys like Fingerlings and Hatchimals which were both huge sellers so we'll see.

To preface the list, kids are really into hands-on crafts right now. Making 'slime' is huge for kids right now so you're going to see more interactive toys this year.

It's an easy way to make friendship bracelets.

LED Gloves
They're gloves but have lights in the fingers. Kids are going to love'em.

Mystery Rescue Pet
These are stuffed animals that are a mystery until you open them up. The basis being you're 'rescuing' them.

We'll see a few remakes of favorites, too. Hoping to cash in on what was popular.

Fingerlings Plush Monkey
Same as last year's Fingerlings but these are soft

Hatchimals... but babies.

LOL Bigger Surprise
These are always great gifts if you don't know what to get someone as it contains several random items.

For the big kids (adults)
The Playstation VR attachment that connects to your PS4. These are going to be marked down significantly so it'll be a great opportunity to jump in and grab one. Especially now that there's a decent library of games available.

Nintendo Switch
Still popular but even more-so, now that there are tons of games available and current Switch systems come bundled with hot, new games.

Never fails to receive as a gift. When in doubt -- beer. Or wine.

After Black Friday I'll have a much better insight on what toys are more sought after. Until then, happy shopping!

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