I've seen it time and time again -- people asking for what restaurants we'd love to see in Yakima. Restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and Chic-fil-A often top the list as well as classic favorites that Yakima doesn't have any more like IHOP and Perkins. It's fun to win and dream but it's also important to support the businesses that are already here and open just waiting for you to come in or call in a take-out order.

These past couple of years have been hard on most. Yakima lost so many great restaurants including Gasparetti's, Old Country Buffet and more. I don't want to see Yakima losing any more businesses.

Besides, soon as we get one it'll be overcrowded for a month and then the novelty will wear off, for the most part.

Sometimes it's nice NOT to have a place like that in town. True, we don't have Texas Roadhouse but we have all of these other great places to choose from. Many places Tri-Cities is jealous of Yakima for having. I wouldn't want to lose those ones, either.

It's true we don't have Chic-fil-A, but we do have KFC, Popeyes and chicken is available at Abby's Pizza and a couple of other places in town. We may not have Tony Roma's but we have Famous Dave's, Applebees and a lot more. We didn't have legit Japanese-style ramen for the longest time. Now we have at least 3 amazing places, to the point where I don't crave ramen every time I go to Seattle. I'm good because we have the option here.

Just something to keep in mind. Again, it's fun to wish one these things and, if they do happen to come to town we can fully endorse and support them, just like we should be doing with the places we already have in town.

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