It's summer eve today and as some are celebrating the end of the school year everyone is preparing for some major heat!

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According to Accuweather today we're hitting 97, Tuesday 96, Wednesday 96, Thursday 96, Friday 96, Saturday 100, Sunday 105 and Monday up to 102. Of course all subject to change but a great reminder to grab some sunscreen and making sure you are covered with a hat and sunglasses when you're out and about.

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With this heat it's also great idea to come up with a watering schedule for two a days. Possibly early morning and later in the evening to make sure your hanging baskets and plants get the moister they need to continue to thrive.

Reminder Regarding Your Watering Hose

It's going to be HOT! Like on fire so PLEASE take precautions before turning it on. Let it run for a bit away from little fingers and toes. Your garden hose is normally sitting in the sun and the first bursts of water that come out are hot enough to burn your skin. I just saw a warning from Arizona's Fire Department in regards to filling up baby pools. The baby was in the empty pool when they put the hot hose in and scorched that little one's skin!

Sunflower Time

Late last summer I decided to plant some sunflower seeds to see if they might grow and nothing yet so I grabbed some new packets today and we are right in the window for growing. In our area through June and they will start showing off within two weeks. I've seen some pretty incredible

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