We've been here before. Triple digit days and it was wild. Thankfully it wont be AS hot but we're about to go through another wave so prepare yourselves because one missed day of watering can really mess up your garden.

Weather Report According to Accuweather

Thursday, July 29th 2021 High of 100

Friday, July 30th, 2021 High of 104

Saturday, July 31st 2021 High of 102

Hanging Baskets

Happy to report hanging baskets bounce back, really well if you show them the extra loving care of watering two times a day. They've been producing flowers for a few months but have started looking a little dry. I don't know about you but the heat knocked the energy out of me. It's taken a bit to get back into the rhythm, but if you can manage to create a watering schedule, baby it's worth it!

First Thing First

I've come to REALLY enjoy my morning routine. Once the alarm goes off, I turn on my teapot and head straight the garden to get the first watering out of the way. No phone checking, just me, the fresh morning air, the hubs and our beautiful cat Winifred. It is so relaxing to enjoy the quiet early morning hours. The more consistent I am with watering everything that needs it the stronger I feel and I have more energy. Recently I've also been working on breathing in for four counts through my nose and breathing out for six through my nose while I move through the yard. There is something magical about how calm and wonderful you feel.

The Game Changer

I finally started wearing shoes instead of flip flops outside, it's important because if you've been following, a portion of my backyard is being taken over by my Dill pumpkin plant. This sucker can produce 3 - 4 pumpkins that typically hit 300 to 400 pounds but record breakers have reached around 1,000 pounds. It seems to be doubling in size every few days as I've upped the watering game to 16 gallons of water between the two watering sessions plus what the sprinklers are providing. I found a third pumpkin this evening and am excited to see what's next! My hope is that you're finding as much peace and prosperity in your garden.

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