Fine, I'm going to let it all out there. I like to think of myself as a garden witch, a green witch. I LOVE nature and growing things, drying different herbs, and creating stuff from all of it. I also am a bit of a space cadet. Insert what happened this weekend.

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I've been working on keeping seeds from different produce to grow in the garden, waste not want not, and all that business so after sitting on some pasilla pepper seeds for a bit I announced to my husband after planting them in the garden where we could watch them grow together and he said, "the pasilla pepper you cooked?" .... Once you cook seeds they are no good for gardening, more composting buahahaha. I couldn't believe I had spaced on that one but if you have done the same thing, know you are not alone. If you wanting to regrow kitchen scrapes it's always a good idea to start with organic produce.

I will be planting some uncooked seeds this afternoon but the plan was to lick them before I stick them in the dirt. Why? I read somewhere that when you lick a seed supposedly the seed will create the missing nutrients your body is missing! What? I was going to just post this and more on but I figured I should probably double-check just in case and guess what? That **** is not true! hahaha.

“While it is common for seeds to come in contact with animal DNA, there is no natural exchange of genetic information between these two very distantly related organisms,” Dr Cave said in an email on August 20, 2020."  

OK! Fine, but I'm still going to walk around in the garden with my shoes off and fully going to set intentions under the blood moon this Wednesday! More to come and join our Facebook gardening group if you love green thumbs :)

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