Wild-fires seem to be on the rise in the PNW in the last decade or so, each year seems to bring more and more smoke. In times like this, the best things you can do to stay healthy are some of the simpler things but easily overlooked.

Last summer Seattle was deemed the most hazardous air in the world even surpassing LA and China. It seems like Washington is constantly getting the worst of it when it comes to the smoke over the state.

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Staying safe from the smoke can be pretty simple but it's easy to get caught up in the rush of your day and forget some things that could keep you safe. First off wear a mask, no I'm not talking about the cloth masks or medical masks that we've been wearing for covid. Cloth masks will do absolutely nothing when it comes to smoke, even with a cloth mask you may be somewhat protected but you'll still be breathing the smoke in. Your best bet is going and getting an N-95 mask, this mask will block out any smoke, you'll wanna make sure it's the one with the valve for better airflow.

Take more showers, believe it or not even if you're not breathing in the smoke the particles from it are still all around us and lading on your ski and clothes, I'm no germaphobe but it does make me feel pretty disgusting. Taking showers will help keep the particles off your skin and clogging your pores which can lead to zits or cysts.

Stay inside when you can, unlike covid the smoke can't make its way into your house unless doors and windows are open. If you have an air purifier you're even better off, if you don't worry just keep those doors closed. I know we've had to spend a lot of time inside but now you can go out and spend time with others while following covid guidelines. Keeping the smoke out of your airways is your best chance to avoid getting sick or getting a sore throat from the smoke. I know between covid and the smoke things may seem kinda dreary, but better days are always waiting around the corner. Take this time to connect with family and friends, limit your time outside in the smoke, and wear your mask to avoid feeling ill.

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