Sunday I, along with my wife and son, had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Tri-Cities Water Follies on the Columbia River.

Being born in Seattle, I will always remember Seafair and the hydros on Lake Washington.  the fact that I had never been to the "boat races" (as the locals refer to it) still is beyond me.

The weather and the water were spectacular as well as the aerial stunts by the planes who entertained the massive throng before the heat races began.

We were invited to a catered private area on 'Bulldog Beach' where all the food and drink were complimentary.  While many floated on inner tubes and the like to beat the heat, I mostly stayed out of the water until the racing got underway.

I walked off the river bank and waded into the mighty Columbia about 15 yards until the water reached me mid-chest.  From there, I was about 50 yards from the boats as they screamed towards turn three.

This is what it looked and sounded like!

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