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Aaron Bennett, a former contributor to the 94.5 KATS morning shows and a improvisational comedian, once told a joke -- and I paraphrase -- that went something like this:
"You know why you never see pictures of kids with braces on the side of milk cartons under the words, 'MISSING'? Because their parents aren't letting them out of their sight. They've got a lot of money invested in that mouth!"

Ah, truer words were never spoken, my friend.
My son, Drew, finally got his braces removed the other day after two and a half years. My wife and I finally won't have a bill from the orthodontist. It'll almost be like getting a pay raise!

When Drew first went to his orthodontist, Dr. Gamache at Gamache Orthodontics to get examined, they gave him a free hoodie advertising their clinic. I would often joke with my boy that I bought him a $6,000 sweatshirt and he got his teeth straightened for free!

I now have a better understanding of my own father's feeling when he once told me, after I asked him for a $2,000 loan (I paid him back, with interest!), "Todd, you're the only one of my three kids that I didn't have to buy braces for."
Touche`, pop.

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