Go ahead! Play with your food!

Certainly, you've done stuff like this before. Maybe not this exact but using the sauce on your plate to spell out something or create a face with scraps on your dish. There was even a famous commercial where the mom would spread peanut butter on a slice of bread then etch a heart into it. Playing with your food should totally be acceptable and make eating fun, especially for undesirable items for picky eaters (kids and adults alike). I was doing just that when I noticed that by poking holes in these mushrooms they took on a new life of their own.

At first I thought they kinda looked like little skull creatures but then I noticed kind of a sadness in their eyes. Like a crew of misunderstood characters from a Disney movie or some whimsical anime. Either way I had to show the rest of my family. Most of which either chuckled or got the occasional, "...really?" which is common with my antics.

When I shared on social media a few pointed out they thought these were roasted pig snouts. Is that a thing people eat? I wouldn't think so but I'm also the guy who ordered Rocky Mountain Oysters on purpose knowing full-well what they were so anything is possible.

If you happen to have full mushrooms as part of your meal, poke some holes in the caps and have fun. Especially fun for something a little creepy for Halloween. Something to keep in mind.

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