We just got back from California on Monday. While there we had to stop by one of the definitive California businesses – In & Out Burger. I mean, when in Rome, right?

For those who have never tasted a rich tasty In & Out Burger, you are missing out on a great burger. Five Guys Burgers in California are the rival of In & Out. We have one here in Yakima and have enjoyed it. I love me a burger.


Long have there been rumors of In & Out coming to Yakima. It’s a California based company which boasts nothing frozen. All fresh ingredients. That means no freezers. Shipping fresh food has it limits. Most chains do it frozen. In & Out will not as it will compromise their product. So, part of In & Out’s infrastructure means building distribution centers in areas to assure sure fresh food can make it to their stores.

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As the chain has expanded, it has opened several distribution centers including Phoenix, Utah; Dallas, and Colorado Springs, with future expansion centers planned as they continue to grow. The Nearest In & Out is a four hour drive (and well worth the drive) in Keizer just north of Salem. So that gives hope that In & Out is in our future in Yakima.

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As a burger aficionado, how does In & Out rate against Five Guys? In Cali, it’s close with In & Out often edging out Five Guys in annual polls. How does it rate against Bullseye Burger in Yakima?


Well, In & Out has what Yakimans would call “Fry Sauce” on it. That’s a bonus. Although Bullseye’s flavor is really good, it’s hard to compete with In & Out’s burger perfection.


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