We were visiting friends in Naches on Saturday. Came back a night and found a tons of houses on our drive with their Christmas Lights still up. It’s the second week of January. And there they are – Christmas lights still up. I’ll be honest, it was kind of a nice sight.

Now I semi-proudly hold the record for having Christmas lights up for three straight years from 2007-2010. Mmmm, no wonder I am divorced. Why did I leave them up? Well, it’s a lot of work to take them down. You have to get the ladder out, you gotta run up and down the thing. You gotta roll up the lights and put them away in their box. It’s a task. Plus, you are just gonna put them up again in 10 months anyway, so why take them down?


As I drive around Yakima, I still see ‘em up. Like my neighbor, they still have their lights up. He’s retired so he has no excuse to not take them down. No one is asking to take them down. Maybe it’s soothing to see them up. Maybe it’s comforting. Maybe they are waiting for their kids to come over and help take them down. Next time I see him, I will offer my services, cause, I got some serious ladder skills.

With a year like of 2020, maybe it’s good to leave them up. I am pro leaving lights up 24/7/365. It adds personality and festiveness to your home. So I say leave them up! So if you have a neighbor who still has their lights up, be patient. It could be a therapeutic for them.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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