I talked with my friend Juan the other day. During our conversation, he mentioned something interesting. He told me he recently lost 40 pounds. I congratulated him and then like most of us do, I asked him how he lost it. His response shocked me. He answered, “Well, that’s easy – I lost it by chewing gum.”

Wait, WHAT? I asked him to clarify. “Did you say chewing gum?!?” He laughed and said, “I get this all the time. To be honest, I adjusted my diet to proteins and vegetables and chewed a ton of gum."

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“So where does the gum chewing come in the weight loss?” I asked. Juan laughed again and said that he learned that chewing gum constantly can help you burn calories. He also said, “Plus it makes you look like a bada&$.”

I laughed again. He then said, “It’s all about movement. Chewing gum keeps things moving.”

Interesting. Last year, I lost 60 lbs. and did not chew any gum. I too adjusted my diet and but did not chew gum. I wonder if I would have lost more if I did.

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I looked into this. There is some truth to it. Some studies show that you can burn 5% more calories. As always, there’s always more to the story. The details are simple – you gotta chew gum 12-15 hours a day. That’s a ton of gum. Juan also said chewing gum helps suppress appetite.

In all, this “gum chewing diet” is a small part of a regimen where diet is priority.


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Look, I am all about whatever works for you. If chewing gum helps you lose weight, more power to ya!

All My Best,

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