Are you happy being single but tired of everyone around you flipping you crap because they're in a relationship and you're not. Or do you wanna give the impression that you have someone ... but you really don't want all the hassle of a relationship? Do you want someone to SEXT with, but with no commitment? Well now there's an app for you!

The Invisible Boyfriend (and Invisible Girlfriend) is making dating easier, funner, cheaper -- and you always win arguments. For $25 and some secret shame, you will get 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and one handwritten note ... all from someone you don't know, and you never will.

The creator said that customers tend to be people who don't want their parents to know that they are gay or soldiers overseas who want the other troops to think they have a little something something back home.

Best of all, the app does not get jealous if you spend the afternoon cheating on it with Angry Birds!

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