You want a busy life, try being an honors student working multiple jobs, taking care of your siblings after your parents moved out of town, and then get thrown in jail. WTF!?

A Texas honor student  Diane Tran, got put in jail for missing too much school. She works as part of a wedding planning business and then goes to works at a dry cleaner's full time, sometimes staying up until seven in the morning.

Diane missed school after working through her shifts and overslept. She isn't a bad kid.  If she were actually running around and doing drugs or just messing around, then that would be a different story.

She had been notified by her school that she couldn't miss anymore school, but then she missed one more day and a judge put her in jail for 24 hours. The judge who sentenced her wanted to make an example of her.

Her employers even think that it was an unfair sentencing.

Elliot, one of her employer's, said "She's a straight-A student, she keeps her grades up, but sometimes she oversleeps, because she's been working."

This very well could be happening to a student in Yakima Valley right now. Should they be thrown in jail if they are still getting straight A's and working multiple jobs?

This is a case where the justice system just doesn't work! Boom!!


Written with Kelly West by Brendon Lynch from Grand-view High School.


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