We know what bed is, we know what bath is, but we are still working on the beyond part. Is it the room in the back of the store? We are not sure. What goes on back there in the Beyond part of the store?

I love shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. There are gadgets galore for your home that makes life a little easier. Thankfully we have one in Union Gap that we can enjoy, and hopefully enjoy for some time to come.

In October, Bed Bath and Beyond announced plans to close 40 stores across the country in 2021, thanks in part to ‘Rona. Now thankfully only two stores in our region are planned for closing. One in Everett and the other, in Portland.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

It looks like the Union Gap BB&B has made the cut this time. Lower performing stores are on the block and it looks like the Union Gap store has dodged the last two announced closings.

A stark contrast when in 1999, Bed Bath & Beyond made over $1 Billion in profit.

Bed Bath and Beyond’s issues began before ‘Rona. Despite the pandemic, they have survived, with a little help from the successful Union Gap store.

According to the Yaktrinews,com, nearly 2,500 businesses, mostly restaurants in Washington state permanently closed their doors due to ‘Rona. That’s a loss of $800 Million state wide.

Bed Bath And Beyond Releases Q4 Earnings Figures
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This follows yesterday’s news that Old Country Buffet was closing and it’s assets were going up for auction. You can read more here.

So next time you are in the mood for a Chia Pet, or that double broiler, be thankful the doors are still open at Bed Bath & Beyond in Union Gap.

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