But can he make the transition to become Beast Mode 2.0?

That's essentially what John Schneider envisioned when the Seahawks general manager moved to acquire the former Green Bay Packer.

Today on the team's website, Schneider was speaking with reporters about the team's interest in the Nick Saban-coached running back as a draft pick in 2013.

Lacy didn't get his chance to be a Seahawk then because Green Bay had the pick before the Seahawks and snatched him up first. Like other players before him, even when other teams sign a player of interest, the Seahawks keep tabs on those players to see if they become available.

Especially if they think they can get someone cheap and whip them into Seahawk form.

"We’ll try to help him out as much as we can with our sport science staff and everything and see where he can take it," Schneider spelled out Tuesday.

I am hopeful Lacy can live up to his potential and lead the Seahawks back to playoff form by establishing the power run game that has disappeared without Beast Mode himself.

Speaking of which, the latest NFL clash with fans over the move to Las Vegas should FINALLY put to rest those "he wants to play for Oakland" rumors now, right?


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