I already miss summer. You don't have to bundle up, you can drive wherever you want, and half the time you don't need to turn the heater or air conditioner on because the weather is perfect.

It's October and it's already starting to get really cold at night. Where I live in the Yakima Valley it got to be 29 degrees around 1 a.m. That is cold. It might as well snow.

But I admit it, I hate turning on my heater. One reason is because I hate to admit summer is over.

The other reason is because I hate paying for the heating bill. The heating bill is always more expensive then the air conditioning bill by nearly $100.

When do you turn your heater on?

Do you wait until it's colder than 29 degrees and just bundle up or have you already turned on your heater -- even at 35 degrees?

Tell us in the comments below.

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