Yesterday I wrote about how you could win $1,000 for coming up with the best excuse for missing work to which today we say - Chump Change!

Let's more than double that amount without the need for any kind of creativity at all!  Here's how.

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Do You Binge Watch

Most of us are television "binge-watchers."   We find a show that's interesting, and engaging, and the next thing you know we are devouring episode after episode like some kind of addiction.

The cable and streaming channels make binging easy by supplying all episodes at one rather than torturously dribbling out one episode each week as network television does.  It's 2022 and we have no patience, we find no joy in anticipation, and we no longer want to abide by appointment viewing.  We want it all and we want it now.

Not The Same Old TV

If that's how you feel about the TV genre of TRUE CRIME, then MagellanTV has the job for you.  First, who's Magellan?
PC Magazine says Magellan TV is
an Ad-Free documentary streaming service dedicated to telling the great stories of History, Science, and Civilization. Watch over 1500+ premium movies and series from the world's best filmmakers. MagellanTV costs $6.99 per month.
OK, so what's TRUE CRIME? In Magellan's own words

This collection of documentaries explores the dark caverns of the human psyche in true stories of crime, criminals, victims, and justice sometimes done or undone. In this complex world, society defines crime and punishment in fleeting criteria, often elevating perpetrators in the popular mind over their forgotten victims. It's only by delving into the human and social dimensions of true crime that we can truly appreciate the high standards needed for true justice

Sounds pretty intense, huh? So how about being paid $100 an hour for a 24 hour binge?  That's what's on the table.  The documentary streaming service will pay one fan $2,400 to watch a true crime marathon (the service will pick which shows) and post about it on social media.  Does this sound like something you would be willing to do?

Our ideal candidate lives for True Crime—they can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don't flinch at the chilling paranormal

Applicants must be US residents ages 18 and older and have at least one social media account. The deadline to apply is April 18, and the winner will be notified within 10 business days after that.

This trailer for the Murder Maps series ought to get your juices flowing!

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