5 Popular Restaurant Chains That Got Their Start in California

How many times have you wished for one of California’s restauant food chains to come close to your neighborhood in Washington state? I, for one, have bit my fists just thinking about how much I crave an “Animal Style” burger from In-N-Out. Alas, there isn’t one near my town, not for MILES (and hours)!

Here’s 5 of the most popular fast-food and dine-in places that sprang straight outta California.

1 . In-N-Out

Famous for their quick and thick juicy burgers, the Secret Menu is still all the California rage.

2 . Taco Bell

What started out as a restaurant concept to keep pace with the taco trucks across the street turned out to be the needle in the haystack for Taco Bell.

3 . Panda Express

A husband and wife team turned their restaurant daydreams into billions of dollars and thousands of franchises across the world.

4 . Jack in the Box
Everybody wants to know what “Jack” looks like underneath that big head of his. Is he hot? Is he not? The world may never know! At least we know the food is pretty cheap and is the perfect drive-thru cuisine after the bars close!

5 . Jamba Juice

Get out! I had no idea Jamba got its start in good ole Cali. It all began in San Luis Obispo as a project for a senior class assignment at Cal Poly State.



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