There are so many cool and brand new changes to the fair this year and you can read about them all here.

The team over at the Central Washington State Fair just sent us the lineup of 9 new fair food items we can expect this year. There's also going to be an new Apple Pie Baking Contest (yum) and a new dedicated beer garden section with backyard games to keep you busy.

I can't wait to eat *gestures wildly at all NINE of the foods on the list*



But first, let's see the FOUR new food stands that were also announced by State Fair Park.

Twisted Pickle:

"For the dill pickle lovers – deep fried pickles, deep fried spiral cut pickles with crazy toppings and jumbo dilly pickle dogs."

Twisted Pickles


Italian Sausage:

"Grilled Rope sausage (Italian, Polish, Louisiana Hots, Bratwurst & Kielbasa), Hot Dogs, Pastrami Sandwich, Gourmet French Fries. Offered add on: Sauerkraut, Jalapenos, Chili, Bacon, Cheese, Pastrami."

Italian Sausages


Piñas Coladas Acapulco:

"Virgin Pina Coladas served in a whole fresh pineapple that has been cored and rimmed with pineapple spears."

Pina Coladas


Daniel’s Tacos and Margarita Bar:

"Daniel’s Tacos has moved to a permanent building and will be offering fairgoers inside dining as well as an outside patio area. In addition to Daniel’s famous taco and Mexican food menu, you can now enjoy frozen and hand-crafted margaritas."

Tacos and Margaritas


State Fair Park will be holding the expected fun competitions (I'm thinking of entering a quilt this year), and they also have announced a fun music concert lineup.

Speaking of the music lineup, I just looked over their concert lists and I think I actually want to go to each one of the shows--something I've never wanted to do before!

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Fair Fun 2024 State Fair Park
State Fair Park/Central Washington State Fair

Kids who visit the new "Fun Ville" section will . Kids visiting this area will receive a FREE apple to help celebrate the Fair’s theme – Harvest the Fun.

The 10-day 2024 Central Washington State Fair, presented by Legends Casino Hotel, will be held once again at State Fair Park (1301 Fair Ave) from September 20th thru 29th. Tickets are on sale now and carnival wristbands ($36 for unlimited rides) will be available soon.

The 2024 Central WA State Fair New Food Lineup Does Sound Yummy

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