I’m sick of the snow, so I’m looking forward to the warmer weather. The longer days, brighter nights. Getting into your car and just GOING! No need to sit and scrape your windshield or warm up the engine. Or even shovel the driveway before you pull out. I cannot wait to kick back with the windows down, music up, friends riding shotgun, and the breeze blowing through my scalp (I’m bald). I cannot wait to Cruising The Ave.!

Thanks to a post on the Facebook group Yakima Car Shows and Rod Runs, we can now start planning accordingly to cruise the ave.! According to the flyer, Cruise the Ave nights will only be held two nights a month, going from June to September on Saturday nights. The flyer also has an additional bit of information that has made some folks upset.

Only Dates We Are Allowed To Cruise On Yakima Ave. Any Other Dates, Vehicles Will Be Impounded Or Ticketed.

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RJ Littlefield speaks volumes with his comment:

I really hate that word ‘allowed’ what are we, a bunch of children?


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No matter your feelings on the topic, now you know. Get your car ready, or your lawn chairs handy if you like to just sit back and watch the show! Or, on the flip side, know when to avoid driving on Yakima Ave.

Yakima, WA 2023 Cruise The Ave will take place from 6 to 10p on the following dates:

June 10th
June 17th
July 8th
July 15th


August 12th
August 19th
September 9th
September 16th


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