The start of pumpkin patch and corn maze season is finally here in Yakima Valley and Ellensburg! Going to these two places during autumn are annual family traditions. There’s nothing like visiting a corn maze with friends and making s’mores by some fire pits after running through the corn maze.


Pumpkin Patch Near Me

Picking out the front porch pumpkins has been a tradition I started with my small family (of 2) for the past few years, and we both look forward to it. Visiting a pumpkin patch or corn maze with the family and friends is a great bonding experience that we residents have come to treasure out here in Central Washington. I especially love getting a hot cup of freshly squeezed apple cider when I go.

Check out these six (6) pumpkin patches and corn mazes that are about to open up for the season. I’ve listed some from Ellensburg through Yakima, Naches, and all the way out to Toppenish.

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes Near You in Yakima Valley

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