Kelly West's Vampire Kat
The contest is officially under way! We carved our Vampire Pumpkin this weekend and if we could win I am sure we would cause this Pumpkin Kick's @$$ !
Bubba carved this pumpkin with a steak knife. Outstanding! See if you can beat it by going here and get in on the action...
How To Turn A Pumpkin Into a Keg For Halloween
I'm not sure why I never thought of doing this for a Halloween party. Super simple to make and your friends will think you're super awesome. They'll all so think you're double-talented when they ask, "did you get this idea from Pintrest," and you can say, &q…
Record-Setting Pumpkin Weighs Nearly 1,844 Pounds
If ever there were a great and almighty pumpkin put on this earth to bring the spirit of the Halloween season to children all over the world, it would be this record-setting melon discovered last week at the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire.