The heatwave we’re feeling right now is the gateway to road trip season for residents of Washington state. It’s such a rush and thrill to hit the highway and travel to another state. Some say the best part of living in Washington is leaving Washington, so here are the top 5 states we’re traveling to the most this summer vacay season.

Top 5 States Washington Residents Travel to the Most


Top 5 States WA Residents Visit_ Oregon

Washington’s closest and friendliest neighbor is Oregon. They’ve got the coastal regions we love, and the eclectic vibes and breweries, too!


Top 5 States WA Residents Visit_ California

Cali is the breathing space for many Washington residents. There’s palm trees, warm ocean breezes, and depending on where you go, there’s celebrities waiting to be spotted, too!


Top 5 States WA Residents Visit_ British Columbia

If I was able to jump away from Washington, the first place I would turn to is B.C. It’s not just because it’s another country, it’s also because Vancouver is a fun and vibrant place away from home.


Top 5 States WA Residents Visit_ Idaho

Tons of people in Washington look to Idaho for respite. The reason I’m hearing is that Idaho is just like Washington, not only in climate, but in the scenery.


Top 5 States WA Residents Visit_ Arizona

Many Washington state residents retire in Arizona. I’m not really sure why this is the IT spot, but it is what it is. The cost of living is lower and there are beautiful sights to see, like the tranquil retreats of the Sedona desert, the Grand Canyon, and the fun golfing spaces that Arizona has to offer. Sports fans also look forward to going to games of the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Coyotes.



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