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Years ago, Jones Soda became a Northwest (and even national) favorite for its unusual flavors, sometimes even suggested by consumers. They also were well known for their cutting-edge labels.

 Now the Seattle-originated company is producing THC-infused drinks

According to information released by the company, after a successful launch in CA, Mary Jones THC-infused sodas are coming to WA.

They're the folks that in the past brought us turkey and gravy flavored soda, and now this.

  A check of their website shows apparently they are already available in some venues in CA and are coming to our state. Jones created the soda to take advantage of WA state's brisk pot market, by 2025 sales of marijuana and related THC products are expected to reach $2.5 billion.

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According to their website, the initial four flavors of the TCH-infused sodas will be orange and cream, green apple, root beer, and berry lemonade.

No word yet as to when these will be available in southeastern WA pot stores or venues.


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