Hemp & Hops Fest at Fairgrounds in Yakima This Weekend
We've been hearing more and more about the relationship between hops and hemp lately. As the Yakima Valley is the hop capital of the Western Hemisphere, it stands to reason that hemp would grow and thrive plentifully in this region as well.
What kind of economic impact would the advent of hemp …
Do we need a mascot?
Apparently, the in thing to do nowadays is have a city mascot -- Longview just adopted the squirrel to represent them.
So what about getting a mascot for Yakima?
I think marijuana should be Yakima's city flower/plant and the mascot should be a coyote! I see more of them than any other a…
It's 4:20 somewhere!
I had the opportunity to tour Life Gardens, a legal marijuana farm, the other day. I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I was about to see an amazing plant, but what I saw makes me happy that I voted for it to be legal. It should have never been illegal.
Try the green boxes
Girl Scout cookie season is upon us. I buy at least 10 boxes of the purple-box ones. I never remember their names, so I hope that they don't change the color of the box. The girls are out in full force going door-to-door, business to business, getting the cookies out there.
So why not set up shop out…
Go fix Michigan, Marty
I feel like this is the new "Back to the Future" movie where Marty travels back and forth through time fixing old things and learning about new things.
Well, it seems that Michigan, which is still trying to prosecute marijuana users as felons, is still part of the past -- one of the…

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