“I never set out to be weird...it was always other people who called me weird.” - Frank Zappa


There are 10 weird bars that haven’t been on the foodie scene in Portland long enough to have been the inspiration behind the famous phrase, “Keep Portland Weird”, but the word is out about each of their unique, quirky, and eclectic vibes, cocktails, and menus.


Delightfully weird Portland bars like Bible Club and Pink Rabbit always seem to be highlighted (as well they should) for their oddities, but today I wanted to discover some weird Portland bars that may not have been given their due “weird bar” credit. Now, I’ve been called weird and eclectic plenty of times in my younger days, so these strange and very interesting bars, pubs, and restaurants are right up my alley, so to speak.


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I searched underground, above the ground, and even in the woods for these 10 weird Portland bars. These weird Portland bars boast delicious vegan food, zero-proof mocktails, goth sushi, pan-Caribbean, morbid adult beverages, dominatrix-approved bar snacks, and even a family-friendly place that is giving fierce Cathedral Train Station chic realness. 


I can’t wait to see which ones you’ve been to already and which ones below you want to put on your must-visit list.

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Perhaps most of these weird bars are where the phrase, "Keep Portland Weird" originated. See for yourself below!

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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