Three Things We’re Missing Out On Here In Yakima
I've Been In Yakima for almost two months now, after a trip over the mountain to visit family I realized we're missing out on a few things. Don't get me wrong there are things here in Yakima I wish we had over on the west side but I don't live there anymore...
A Bar in Yakima Could Make a Lot of Money With This Idea
I was out of town on the east coast for a few days recently. Being a huge foodie I stopped by several new places to experience different things and was presently surprised by this small thing that could make a local bar or restaurant in Yakima a lot of money if they added this to the menu.
Man Impaled on Fence After Dodging Out on Bar Tab
There is no joy in having to pay a large bar tab, especially when there seems to be a discrepancy with the bill. However, it is well advised to just pay it – because there is even less joy in having to be removed from a fence after you impale yourself while attempting to pull the old “dr…

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