Father's Day is around the bend--have you bought a gift yet for the person you consider your dad?

If my dad were still alive, he'd probably tell me I don't have to buy him a present. You know how some parents are--they don't like to be the center of too much attention.

I would still want to get him something, so even though he is no longer with us (he passed away in 2003), I will get myself something to enjoy in honor of his memory.

Make this year the one time you don't get your father a stereotypical tie; get him something FUN!

If your Pops is into sports, that would be a great starting point for gift ideas. How about seats to one of the major Washington state sports teams we've got, like tickets to a Kraken game or a coffee mug with the Seattle Seahawks on it?

If your PeePaw likes to eat his meat & potatoes, get him a beef jerky flower bouquet (Yeah, I didn't know that was a thing either!)

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

For that cool abba in your life, how about getting him enrolled in a one-off cooking class, like bread baking or wine pairing (or beer pairing, if that's more his jam). You can even find him virtual cooking classes on Eventbrite if he's an introvert.

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If you want to keep things Washington state-themed, think about getting your dad one of these cool gifts for Father's Day.


#10: Your father would probably go bananas if you gave him a gift certificate for the $20 unlimited play at Topgolf!

Topgolf Renton
Topgolf Renton via Google Maps


#9: You can't go wrong with getting you and him some Seattle Mariners tickets (unless, of course, he doesn't like the Mariners...or baseball)!

T-Mobile Park Seattle Mariners
T-Mobile Park Seattle Mariners Google Street View


#8: Surprise him with some delicious Chukar Cherries!

Chukar Cherries in Pike Place Market
Chukar Cherries in Pike Place Market via Google Maps


#7: Let him have some Beecher's Cheese, please!

Beecher's Flagship Handmade Cheese


#6: Get him a $100 Gift Card to an Adidas Outlet (so that he can be an Adi-DADS, amirite?)

Adidas Shoes


#5: Get him a Craft Beer Connoisseur Gift to remember!

Craft Beer from Fremont Brewing


#4: Grab him a 1-Year Membership to a Dinner Club!

Bite Club Yakima Membership


#3: Gift him a Weekend Stay in a hotel, condo, or Airbnb in Cle Elum, so that he can go digging for crystals at Lion Rock!

Lion Rock Gem Hunting in Cle Elum WA


#2: Help him discover fun and new Evergreen State things to be proud of with this Washington-in-a-Box!



#1: ke him on a bioluminescent kayak experience with you during June, July, or August in the San Juan Islands!

Sea Quest Kayak Tours Friday Harbor WA
Sea Quest Kayak Tours via Google Maps


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