The Top 6 Best Yakima Valley Bookstores to Visit

There is nothing like cuddling up with a good book on a cold and snowy day. You can make yourself some hot chocolate or any sort of hot beverage and unwind as you get lost in a story. I’m old enough to remember when we had a Barnes and Nobles in Union Gap near the Valley Mall. I was so devastated when it closed down. We fortunately however, still have some amazing Yakima Valley bookshops we can visit on a cold and snowy Yakima Valley day.

6 Best Yakima Valley Bookstores to Visit

The last book I read was Stephen King’s Finder’s Keepers. I still haven’t finished it, but once I do, I am going to make a date with myself to visit one of these 6 amazing Yakima Valley bookstores to find something else to read. We’re expecting many cold and snowy days this winter so it’s time to stock up on some good books to read.

1 . Inklings Bookshop 

5629 Summitview Ave, Yakima

You can find books for young ones and the old. Inklings is going on 23 years of business in Yakima! It is a very cozy place to find a great book as well as trinkets and toys for young kids.

2 . Three Sisters Metaphysical Arts 

106 S 2nd St, Yakima

Get your metaphysical fix here! Not only can you find very enlightening books, supplies, and gifts here, you can also schedule an oracle reading from one of the tarot specialists.

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3 . Ron’s Coins & Collectibles

6 N 3rd St, Yakima

“We have DVD, comics, gold, silver, coins, and much more!” - Ron’s Coins & Collectibles

4 . Encore Books 

415 W Walnut St, Yakima

“Central Washington's largest used book seller and the best place in the Yakima Valley to save money on all your favorite reading material.”

5 . Churchill’s Booklover’s Haunt

125 S 2nd St, Yakima

Churchill’s has books plus vintage and antique-style wares for sale. It is a truly unique spot to visit in downtown Yakima.

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6 . Yakima Valley Libraries

Various Locations Throughout the Yakima Valley Community

Not technically a book STORE, per se, you can still peruse hundreds, if not thousands, of books inside the 17 community libraries located throughout the Yakima Valley. Sometimes the library sells copies of books they want to move off the shelves. I called the downtown library and asked if they are having any upcoming book sale days and the front desk person said they haven’t had any since COVID but they are hoping to have one in 2023 during the springtime.

There you have it! Six great local bookstores to lose yourself in a wordy adventure during this Yakima Valley winter. Happy reading!


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