Author Chris Crutcher Will Speak At The Seasons
There is nothing like reading a book. I love movies and the internet, but when it comes to engaging your imagination, only books will do the trick. It's extra exciting to actually meet the authors of great books -- and Yakima Valley Libraries are giving us one more chance before summer to do ju…
Reading is FUNdamental
The Yakima Family YMCA has provided youngsters the opportunity to experience independence and the great outdoors for nearly three quarters of a century at Camp Dudley - located just a few miles outside of Yakima on the shores of beautiful Clear Lake near White Pass.
What Do Your Kids Do When They Are Bored?
Sometimes I feel like a totally evil woman when I tell my kids they can only use their computers or phones for an hour a night. They both play several musical instruments, so of course I want them to practice.
When they get mad at me I tell them to go practice or read their books for school...
Math Rocks!
Math is my worst subject -- always has been.
I had a father who was on me every day to know my stuff by heart. He wouldn't let me count on my fingers, which really sucked. But thanks to his persistence, I can balance a checkbook and I use those math skills nearly every day...